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Assessing the Condition of a Heritage Structure
Presented by James K. Hayward
The Third Cut
Historic Restoration Services
820 S. Roosevelt St.
Green Bay, WI 54301


Early barns had no footings. Huge corner stones were buried in the ground before posts were raised over them. Often moisture would have an adverse effect especially if the site was not designed to send water away from the structure. James Hayward advises doing a barn assessment on a rainy day to see where the water goes.

Three main areas to investigate include:

  • the foundation
  • the roof
  • the structure
Look at the structure sighting down the eaves and ridge. The corners should be plumb and level to within 1/4".

Hayward feels that there are basically two reasons to save old barns. A barn may be an income producing structure or it may be a link to preserving family history.

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