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June 9-10, 2000 Preserving and Restoring Old Barns: An On-Site Technical Workshop
by Steve Kastner

Needless to say, I have collected an amazing amount of information and photos in a short period of time. A barn-site workshop is an excellent way to get hands-on understanding of what it takes to restore and preserve barns. Future attendance at any upcoming events is highly recommended.

Introduction... Roger Springman of the Wisconsin Dept. of Agriculture and President of Barns N.O.W! opens by explaining the goals of of the organization.

Using Cables and Winches to restore the structural integrity to a sagging structure,
Presented by Mike Woodford and Cindy Moran from Woodford Bros., Inc. Apulia Station, NY

Timber Framing and Repair,
Replacing Failed Structural Member and Restoring Foundations
Presented by Mark Stitt, Pat Stitt and John Tufts of J. P. Stitt and Sons, Fremont, MI

Re-roofing With Tin, Shakes or Shingles
Presented by Rod Schleis of Schleis Builders, Inc., Kewaunee, WI

Using Paints and Epoxies
Presented by Gary Goyette of Old World Wisconsin, Eagle, WI

Assessing the Condition of a Heritage Structure
Presented by James K Hayward of the Third Cut, Green Bay, WI

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