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Re-roofing With Tin, Shakes or Shingles
Presented by Rod Schleis
Schleis Builders, Inc.
E 2821 Hwy 29
Kewaunee, WI 54216
  "You have three choices: repair, replace or restore," Rodney Schleis tells us. "Your decision has to do with available money and the end results you are seeking. A historic preservationist will see things differently from someone who simply wants to make an old barn safe and useful again."

He is seen here standing on a laminated beam made of vertical 2 x 6s sandwiched between a pressure treated base board and a standard grade sill board.
"Early barns were built from scratch using one-to-one modelling like this one," explains Rodney Schleis. Scribe-ruled buildings with individually hewn and crafted joints are typical of buildings constructed before 1800. Square-ruled buildings are the current method and have standardized joints.  
  When it comes to roofing there are three choices t-lock asphalt shingles, cedar wood shingles or metal (28 guage tin). Replacing a metal roof will cost approximately $250 a square (10' x 10').

Rod demonstrates using the tools and techniques taught to him by his father. Here he is seen folding the initial 2" metal lap seam.
Once the sheet is in place it is attached to the roof surface with bands every 10" and the seam is folded shut  

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